Spotlight No 3735
Height 5ft 10in
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Trained Central School of Speech and Drama

Meet Antony

Antony Zaki has taken a colourful path on the road to success. Born in Karachi, on Christmas Day, his family moved to Mumbai when he was just six months old, then on to Brazil, to Kenya aged three, and then he was sent to a public boys' school in Kent when he was just ten. It was at this boarding school that he acquired a desire to be a vet!

It was only when he met a big hollywood actress in the early stages of her career (whose idendentity he shrouds in secrecy) that he changed his ambitions, "I was infatuated with her and I thought she won't go out with me if I'm a vet. I got a scholarship to go to a London drama school to study acting to the despair of my parents!"

He did several plays in repertory theatres and then the work steadily came in. His first TV film was Love Match with Madhu Jaffrey and Saeed Jaffrey followed by the radio plays, the TV cameo roles and a spate of foreign movies. His talent has led to many roles in films and television, including the film Gypsy Magic, which won the Montpellier Film Festival, and was nominated for the Montreal Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival. He also has an award from The Aga Khan Foundation for Excellence In The Arts.

His most successful film to date has been an American movie called The Journey. Antony plays Roshan Seth's son who is married to an American woman. Set in Pittsburgh, the comedy drama has won both critical and public acclaim: having won three film awards and the coveted Audience Award for the Best Feature Film at The Florida Film Festival.

Since then, Antony has spent a year with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the West End, and on tour with Salman Rushdie's adaption of his book Midnight's Children, which toured the US and ended at the Apollo Theatre in New York. He has had serious interest from Hollywood producers.